Rain and Rainbows


Last Friday something momentous happened in the world, and that is that gay marriage is now legal in all 50 states in the US…But you already knew that, because you are not living under a rock.

That week was interesting, because I had already signed up Justin, Atlas (our dog), and I to march with P&G in the Cincinnati Pride Parade. So I almost felt like I was ahead of the game, right?! Like, before this big thing happened with the Supreme Court, I was already an Ally at work, and I was already doing what I can to support LGBTQ rights (I had an Ally sticker on my badge and everything!). So, I felt pretty good about myself…Self-righteous almost.

And then that made me feel guilty, because I almost felt like I was congratulating myself for some amazing accomplishment that I had basically no part in.  Continue reading