Recipe: My Filipino Chicken Adobo

In an earlier blog post, I wrote about why there’s few Filipino restaurants in the United States, why that’s important, and what foods you should try if you are given the opportunity to do so. I also mentioned that food is extremely important to Filipino culture, and that every tita has their own recipe for chicken adobo. Well, here is my recipe if you would like to try it for yourself at home! Continue reading


Filipino Food – The long lost Asian cuisine

Today I want to talk about Filipino food. I am half-Filipino (on my mother’s side), and half-Caucasian. I grew up eating a very unique mix of cuisine, mostly American, but with some Filipino influences along with traditional Jewish food. My best friend growing up (hey Camille!) is also Filipino (we were paired in Kindergarten because we were both brown, so thanks for building a lasting friendship,┬áracist Kindergarten teachers!), and so I would sometimes get invited to Filipino parties. Now, for non-Filipinos, pinoy people LOVE throwing parties…And these are not your typical dinner parties. They are all out, invite the entire neighborhood over, let’s have a potluck with 50 people and teach all the titas how to dance the “Cha Cha Slide” kind of parties. And the biggest center of all of these celebrations is one thing: FOOD.

For non-Filipinos, food from the Philippines can be intimidating because it is not common to find in a typical Asian restaurant…. Continue reading