My Life List

One of my new favorite blogs,, has a Life List on their page, which I am going to shamelessly reapply here. Everybody has to have goals in their life, and here are a few of mine!

  1. Fall in love.
  2. Find my dream job.
  3. Travel to Thailand.
  4. Learn how to cook all the mother sauces.
  5. Learn how to bake.
  6. Plan a dinner party (for adults).
  7. Be able to tell the difference between different types of wine (other than just red, white, sweet, or dry).
  8. Go to the Philippines and see where my mother grew up.
  9. Learn how to contour like a freakin Kardashian.
  10. Run a 5K.
  11. Cook a Thanksgiving dinner.
  12. Dye my hair a non-natural color (preferably light purple!).
  13. Make my own wine.
  14. Brew my own beer.
  15. Go vegetarian (for at least a week).
  16. Make my own ice cream.
  17. Travel to Japan.
  18. Get promoted.
  19. Live outside of the United States.
  20. Renovate my kitchen.
  21. Do something selfless.
  22. Run a 10 minute mile.
  23. Do something badass.
  24. Take a roadtrip.
  25. Make my basement into something cool.

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