Food Lover, not a Foodie

2015.06.29 Food

Good god, I love food. Eating is my favorite part of my day, and that’s not an exaggeration.

I was raised in a household where my father cooked and my mother cleaned…And my father loved to eat as well. I think I get it from him. We grew up eating big portions of meat and carbs, with limited vegetables or fruit. This sort of carried into my adult life, where my calorie heavy diet (with little to no exercise, btw) would cause my weight to rise, fluctuate, and then rise again…And it has finally plateaued somewhere in the “chubby” area for women.

I’ve accepted my weight, but now that I’m over 25 years old, my metabolism has slowed so I can’t not exercise (please ignore the double negative, you know what I’m saying). And since I’m getting married in just two short months, every bite I eat had better be worth the calories! That’s why I’m so particular about where and what I eat.

I moved to Cincinnati last December from a very rural area of Pennsylvania, where the best restaurant in town was a pizza and wings joint. So, even though Cincinnati isn’t exactly a metropolis, to me it has the best food culture that I’ve experienced since leaving Austin (expect an Austin-inspired food post soon), and I was ready to take it all on. To make sure i head to the right places, I use Yelp a lot. In fact, I wrote so many reviews after moving that within a month I was bumped up to Yelp Elite status (don’t get too excited…Apparently there’s several hundred Yelp Elite foodies in Cincinnati, so I’m not that “elite”). Now I try to branch out of my usual stomping grounds in Hyde Park, Oakley, and OTR to find other new and exciting places i haven’t been to.

I have a philosophy that if I didn’t take a picture of my food, it basically never happened. So I like to take pictures of EVERYTHING. If you go out to eat with me, be warned…I will photograph your plate before you’re allowed to take a bite. That’s just how it’s going to be. Because I’m pretty good at ordering food, and Justin is pretty good with photo editing, I got noticed on Instagram for my Cincy food photos. Now I am one of the community leaders for the @BestFoodCincinnati Instagram account which has almost 5,000 followers (decent, but not too big). I take that (unpaid) job entirely too seriously…I spend hours scouring Instagram for the best food photos, make sure the restaurant is somewhere new that we haven’t posted recently, and write quirky/interesting captions to accompany them. It really is entirely too much work considering I’m not getting paid, but it makes me happy and I feel like I can give credit/recognition to other food-lovers.

So, essentially what this post is about, is explaining that FOOD and everything that has to do with it is my main hobby. I would almost call it a PASSION but that might freak people out, because how can you get passionate about food? But really, I am the kind of person that spends an hour (or two) on Yelp trying to find the perfect restaurant for a special occasion. Or researches recipes in my spare time. Or takes 10 different photos of my tater tot poutine (pictured above) before deciding that this one, with the lighting just so and the napkin barely showing, this one is the one to post (all this before eating it, btw, which takes a lot of self-restraint).

I call myself a “food lover” instead of a foodie because to me, foodies seem super pretentious.

– A foodie doesn’t eat at chain restaurants, and only supports local businesses. And I’m not gonna lie, I love Olive Garden bread sticks. Whatever, so sue me.

– A foodie doesn’t eat fast food because it’s essentially animal food.  But I love the large 4-way from Skyline chili. I would eat that shit every day if I could afford the calories.

– A foodie knows what all the mother sauces are can make them without a recipe. Umm yeah, I don’t think I could list them, but I don’t normally cook from recipes…I kind of wing it most of the time.

So, I would consider myself just a food lover. I love trying new restaurants in Cincinnati, and I love a great 4 course meal…And I also think that The Eagle is the best restaurant in town. Ever. Yes, I’ve had Sotto, it is great, but The Eagle is better.

I will be sharing cooking lessons, restaurant reviews, and my top lists for food adventures in Cincinnati and elsewhere. Keep a look out in the future, fellow food lovers!


2 thoughts on “Food Lover, not a Foodie

  1. not_unruley says:

    I can so relate to this! I love how you defined the difference between foodie and food lover. I’m not sure where I fall on that continuum exactly but I think I’m ever so slightly creeping towards the “foodie” side as I get older. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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